CEEED exam preparation

Asked by: Guest - 08 Jun 16
How do I proceed with the preparation for my CEED exam?

Our expert said - 08 Jun 16
To clear the CEED exam, the student doesn't require to be an artist. Just a decent drawing ability is enough for this course of study. An open mindset and a decent drawing ability is all that is expected from the student. This entrance exam consists of 2 parts, of which the Part A consists of multiple choice questions and the Part B tests the drawing and designing ability. Part A usually deals in General aptitude, General knowledge and Analytical ability. The Part B paper includes the drawing ability and design problem solving.

Some key points for preparing for the CEED entrance are:

• Practice drawing and sketching. It is good to have a good sketching ability. Practice with correct grade of pencils and right equipments.
• Read the subjects and topics on Interactive design and visual communication. It is good if the student can read more and more contents on these topics from any source.
• Improve the visual communication skills.
• Learning to build innovative ideas and present fesh and original thoughts
• Creative answering ability
• Knowledge of basic programming
• Practice previous years' papers to understand the paper pattern.

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