Company merger - which name to be used in resume

Asked by: Guest - 12 May 16
I joined an organization 5 years back and the company underwent merger with another one 3 years back and the name of the organization was changed to new one. Now I am searching better job proposal, but couldn’t figure out which name to use in my resume.

Our expert said - 12 May 16
In a company merger, especially when the name of the organization gets changed, it is always advisable to list your experience under one name. Even if the designation has changed along with the merger, it would be better to give the details under a single company name. Using multiple company names leaves an impression to the interviewer that you have probably changed jobs and it adds to your instability to stay at a single job.

It is better if the applicant provides the current company name in the title. They can describe in few lines that the company is renamed after merger with company B in the specific year. The applicant can also give the details of their designation change along with the merger details. The applicant can definitely project being retained or promoted during the merger while describing their positive attributes. In case demoted, focus on the positive part and project being retained for the skills.

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