‘Contact information’ in resume

Asked by: Guest - 12 May 16
How much details should be ideally provided in the ‘contact information’ section of resume?

Our expert said - 12 May 16
The ‘contact information’ section usually follows just after the applicant’s name and their degree (if the applicant wants to display their specialization on the top). The contact information includes the address, phone number and email address of the applicant through which they can be reached by the employers.

The address should be complete along with the city, state and pin code. In case the applicant has a different address other than the permanent address, both of these should be given as the current address would be required to be contacted and the permanent address would be the one the applicant would be having the identity proofs and residential proof for. The phone number could be given single or multiple. But the applicant should make sure that the numbers should be in their reach whenever being called for. It would be always better to give the personal mobile number at first place and then followed by others.

Lastly, the email address of the applicant. It should be the one which is used regularly. The email remains the main domain of correspondence in many organizations. All the essential details are fowarded on email after giving a call. A personal email address is always advisable. If the applicant don’t have a personal email address, it is good to create one and give that on the resume rather than giving someone else’s email address.

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