Demotion in resume

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
I had been demoted during the universal industrial recession, but I was able to retain my job. Now I have started searching new job. How should I present my profile change so that it does not have a negative impact on my resume and career?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
The greatest impact comes from the choice of words in the resume. ‘Demotion’, the term itself reflects so much negativity that the candidate cancels their selection opportunity. The first thing that the candidate should make sure is to avoid the term ‘demotion’ in the entire resume.

Every job profile has a specific term like team manager, email executive etc. Candidate should prefer giving their experience through these names with the duration under the experience section in resume. The interviewer definitely gets an opportunity to question the efficiency and stability of the candidate. The candidate should have a convincing reply for the change in the profile. The recession as a reason may not be all that appropriate, still if the candidate prefers to give that reason they should emphasize on their efficiency to retain the job and being able to make up among the least percentage being retained.

The interview gets a course as directed by the candidate. It is very important that the candidate choose their words carefully in their reply and avoid using any negative terms.

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