Do I need to update my qualification to fill-in career gap?

Asked by: Guest - 05 May 16
I am employed in Accenture, Gurgaon for past 3 years. I am a BTech 2012 pass-out. Due to personal circumstances, I need to shift back to my hometown and take care of my Tea Plantations. If that fails to yield a good income source, can I show my plantation experience to re-apply for jobs in future? Or should I do some PG course or MBA simultaneously to add value to my resume, update my knowledge and fill-in my career gap?

Our expert said - 05 May 16
The experience of plantation is counted even in relevant field only after working in the same field for sufficient time duration, so as to understand the various intricacies involved in the plantation measures. This experience in a resume would definitely reply the career gap, but that would not add any value to the resume. Working in a corporate sector is all the way different from the agricultural sector. In case the plantation experience is not fruitful, the candidate can either work in a similar profile to agriculture; or move back to the corporate sector.

To continue with a similar field to plantation, the experience could prove relevant. Also, the candidate can think of learning and studying further in that field to understand the procedure in detail and get better job prospects in plantation industry.

Conversely, if the applicant lack interest in plantation and wish to get back to corporate culture after few years of experimentation, then a refresher of knowledge in the form of certification might become the need of hour. The experience of Accenture might fetch some similar profiles; yet, to widen the scope of getting employed with better prospects, it would be advisable to go ahead with some added degree.

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