Effective group study pattern for 10th board exam

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
I am in 10th standard and would appear for my board exams for the first time. I usually study with one of my best friends and we both make a good company for effective study. Still, I would like to be very sure to have a set pattern for our group study this year. Can you guide me with some pattern or tips for the same?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
Group study is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though group study pattern has many benefits, yet that requires a real combination of sincere and dedicated students. Even a single weak member could break the theme and decorum of the set pattern ending up in huge loss of time. Study for board exams require true and sincere efforts and this is the reason why many students prefer to study alone rather than in groups.

Group study has its own advantages. Nobody is perfect in every topic. Students do have their weak links and they many a times hold back their weakness just to avoid their impression getting spoiled before teachers or tutors or parents. But the same doubts could be well enquired to friends and they can be good guide. Some of the tips for effective group study for board exams are:

- Select sincere friends who could maintain the pace of study. Remember to help each other and not be bossy of have proud of knowledge.

- Try to start group study pattern during the study holidays provided for boards. This is the time when students are aware of every topic and ready for revision. They can get time to clarify their doubts during this time.

- It would be better to have the group study early morning when students are fresh in their thought and can grasp better.

- Take breaks in between to give mind some time to breathe and get refreshed for more grasping. Be strict to yourself for not exceeding the breaks.

- Select a calm surrounding without disturbance for group study.

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