Effective words for my resume

Asked by: Guest - 19 Apr 16
I'm writing my resume for the first time. Can you suggest some effective words to be used in a resume?

Our expert said - 25 Apr 16
There are many power words which give your resume an effective start. To present a few examples:

1. ‘Excelling Skills’ with respect to your accomplishments can be presented as:

a. Efficient outcome – Words like Accelerated, Amplified, Capitalised, Expedited, Furthered, Outpaced etc.
b. Improvement skills – To represent your transformation skills, you can use terms like Customized, Centralised, Influenced, Overhauled, Redesigned, Remodelled, Revitalized, Streamlined etc.
c. Preserving skills – Skills similar to cost-cutting or saving finance for the company can be put into words like Conserved, Consolidated, Reconciled, Yielded etc.

2. ‘Experience of management’ can be presented as:

a. For heading a team – Use terms like Chaired, Co-ordinated, Executed, Organized etc.
b. For managing a team – Terms could be Cultivated, Fostered, Mentored, Inspired etc.
c. For heading a project – Be-fitting words are Administered, Charted, Designed, Devised, formalised, Incorporated, Pioneered, Launched etc.
d. For managing a project – Appropriate terms are Audited, Authorized, Assessed, Delegated, Explored, Mapped, Scrutinized, Screened, Surveyed, Verified etc.

3. For writers and authors – Terms like ‘Briefed, Co-authored, Documented, Publicized etc. adds smartness to the text.

4. Achievement section can be made better by using words like Awarded, Showcased, Surpassed, Exceeded etc.

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