Generalist or Specialist - How should I position my resume?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Apr 16
I'm an MBA - HR fresher and I did my summer training in recruitment. Should I position myself as a generalist or specialist in my resume?

Our expert said - 25 Apr 16
With a training completed in recruitment, the profile is open as an specialist. HR specialists have skills in specific areas of HR management expertise. Unlike generalists the job profile lacks the changes in regular work pattern and the work is routine with defined targets and time frames. HR specialists have usually expertise in one or few segments like recruitment and staffing, compensation, training, payroll, workforce planning and employment, risk management etc.

Those who have passion to work as generalists, usually have affinity for changes in the work schedule. Their schedule keeps changing as their duties depend on the daily needs. Generalist are expertise in more speciality areas of HR and are proficient enough in each area. They have knowledge to execute everything from explaining benefits and compensation to mediating disagreements.

Being a fresher, you are at the beginning of your career and should be open to other interesting positions in HR as well. Its better to not close your doors by not being open to other things.

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