How long can a probation be extended? Is notice applicable in probationary period?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
I have got a 6 month extension in probation after completion of initial 6 months period. But my manager does not seem convinced with my performance. Can they extend my probation further or would they fire me? Would the termination be with or without notice?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
The probation period and its extension depends on the HR policy of the respective organization. The probationary period is usually not extended beyond 1 year. But it is not a rule, the HR department may give extension beyond 1 year as well. The extension of probationary term is usually done within a week of completion of probationary term. If the company fails to hand over a written extension of probationary term, that calls for the confirmation of that employee. No verbal orders are considered on legal check.

A consistent low performer may provide a negative feedback and the HR department may think of termination of such an employee. A probationary period is like a contract term which provides time for the employees to show their performance and get confirmed. This term does not have the notice term included, as they can ask for the employee to leave directly at the end of the contract term without extending the probation. If the company wants to end the services and terminate the employee within the probationary period, they may do so by serving the notice period. However, these things depend on the rules laid on the HR policy of the company.

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