How to elaborate self-employed status in resume?

Asked by: Guest - 12 May 16
I am a gynecologist with 10 years experience. For the past 5 years, I am practicing in my own clinic at Bangalore. I am shifting to Pune due to some personal reasons and unable to set-up a new clinic. I have started job search at hospitals and wonder how to explain my employment status for the past 5 years?

Our expert said - 12 May 16
When moving from clinical practice to hospital set-up, the physician should make sure to elaborate all their transferable skills from the self-employment to getting employed under someone. Self employment means the candidate is confident and an entrepreneur. But for the interviewer it raises a suspicion of the physician’s inability to work under someone else and cannot be managed well. Also, they might feel that the clinical set-up has been closed just because it hadn’t been all that successful.

When moving out of a clinical set-up, few attributes that a physician should emphasize on while drafting their resume for employment are: the skill to create the doctor-patient equation, delivering successful results, overcome adverse situations and handling pressure, multiple talents to run a clinic independently, taking responsibility for own prescriptions, experience of managing staff (if any) can explain the physicians ability to get along well with the co-workers, any additional experience of medical writing or conducting any seminar etc. Precisely, the resume should explain the physician’s go getting attitude which could make them take up new challenges and enjoy their work at every point.

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