How to fight back the termination without notice?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
I am at a managerial position in a MNC and have an experience of 20 years with the same organization. It happened by mistake that one of the official document got attached and sent along with my personal mail to my brother. I have been informed of termination and not served any notice or paid off. How can I fight back?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
With the 20 years experience at a managerial position, the employee is definitely aware of the duties and responsibilities of the position they hold. Attaching an official document is undoubtedly a content of breach and against the data protection. This is not a minor issue to be overlooked by any organization, and such a thing cannot be done by mistake and is not acceptable.

There is no point asking for the notice term or getting paid off as the notice term is a part of retrenchment process. However, the employee here is terminated most probably on the ‘lack of confidence’ due to the data protection breach. The employee does not hold any legal ground as the company possess every right to drag the employee to the court and charge a case against him. It would be better to have a polite talk with the organization and ask them to consider the dedication and honesty so long and try to make them accept resignation instead of termination which would otherwise affect the career of the employee.

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