How to get into bomb disposal squad?

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
I am a B Com graduate and look forward to some challenging and thrilling career opportunities. Bomb disposal squad is one such field. How to get into this? Please help.

Our expert said - 20 May 16
One of the entry points to get to the Bomb disposal squad is through Defence forces. The entry criteria depends on which branch of the defence service does the aspirant choose to start with. The candidate can then apply to work in the bomb disposal unit. The skills required to join the bomb disposal squad are:

- Identify the various explosive devices by analysing in first sight, defuse them and destroy them
- Quick judgement, make tough decisions instantly under pressure
- Maintaining calmness at work even under high pressure situations
- Judgement and problem solving skills
- Ability to work alone and also as a team
- Interest in IT and technology
- Good communication skills

Bomb disposal squad have a heavy risk for life. Some of their job responsibilities are

- Evacuate dangerous areas
- Identifying explosives using metal detectors
- Defuse and destroy explosive devices
- Using explosives to destroy explosive devices etc.

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