Is it OK to provide fake experience in resume?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Apr 16
My cousin owns a business and is ready to hand out an experience letter to me but I have never actually worked in that company. Is it OK to include some fake experience in the resume? Can the HR people catch it?

Our expert said - 25 Apr 16
Undoubtedly it is illegal to produce a fake experience certificate. In case caught having fake experience certificate, the candidate could be barred from getting job in any organization. And that step would be enough of a penalty for the lifetime.

HR usually does reference check in the past company for their designation and behaviour during their tenure with the organization. The certifications produced and the educational background gets scanned usually. Though it is not followed as a mandatory rule for every received resume, still one cannot exclude the chance of getting caught anytime. The most recent jobs come under scanner more frequently and it would be better to keep off the fabrication skills there.

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