Is it possible to fire an employee for low performance?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
My performance was better in the probationary period and got confirmed. But somehow I am unable to perform to the expectations of my seniors after confirmation and tend to loose the targets continually. Is there any provision in the company to fire me for consistent low performance?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
Low performers can be fired, but such a decision is not usually taken all of a sudden. Low performance means loss to the company. The HR department of any company calculates the cost to company through per employee. When they find the output insufficient, they can take necessary steps. The process usually starts through warnings.

The employee is first warned by their respect team leads and the department heads. When the chance of improvement does not work, the task is taken up by the HR department and given fair warnings. This might also be accompanied by taking a written consent from the respective employee for their improvement within a given time period. When the low performance parameters are documented against the employee and the employee is treated fairly through sufficient chances for improvement and yet the employee is unable to yield any better response even after written consent, then the HR may terminate the employee with or without notice depending upon the HR policy of the organization.

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