Job or Finishing studies - What is better ?

Asked by: Md Aurangzeb Alam - 15 Aug 16
I completed diploma in civil engineering in 2011, then almost three years preparation for government job but after two years started worked in cement industry but now I want complete my graduation.Which is better for me either graduation or continuing the job.Please suggest.

Our expert said - 17 Aug 16
Getting graduated is good, as it might help to increase the educational background and can help in better job options. But considering the extent of prevailing unemployment, the dilemma is understandable; whether or not to leave a job which had been procured after so much efforts.

It depends on the interest of the candidate whether they want to do a regular course for the graduation or not. A classroom program or a regular course would put-forth the requirement to quit the existing job. But if the candidate is just interested in adding a graduate degree, they can go for some correspondence courses or distant learning programs or online courses. These courses would not make the candidate at a critical edge of whether or not to leave the job. They can carry out these programs along with their job.

It totally depends on the candidate regarding their priority and mind-set for the job. If they are in a situation where the job is a must and very much required for their living, they can chase their dream through the distant learning programs. If they are more inclined towards education and the job weighs less, then they can go ahead quitting the job and join a course in a regular college. The candidate also need to make sure they get admission for regular courses easily, as the gap in the career line may create a few concern seeking admission at the colleges. The suggestions can provide the pros and cons for both the instances, but the decision always lies with the candidate. Their interest and desire would provide them the courage to march towards the success path.

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