Joining and leaving date in the resume

Asked by: Guest - 15 Apr 16
Am I required to include the dates of joining and leaving an organisation in my resume?

Our expert said - 21 Apr 16
Joining and leaving dates as a part of experience, are as important as accomplishments in a resume. Dates on the resume hold a special significance, as this gives an identity of honesty of the candidate and clarity of the information provided. Resume sent without the joining and leaving dates are often considered incomplete and becomes a big loophole for missing the applied job profile. A candidate might not even be called for the interview without the specific dates.

Without the joining and leaving dates, the employer cannot know whether the candidate worked for a day or month or year for the mentioned organization. The dates explains the consistency of the individual and his tendency of adherence to a particular job. A resume without dates arises suspicion of a break in the professional career which is deliberately hidden by avoiding the dates.

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