Looking for job change in my field of expertise. How to justify the change of field?

Asked by: Guest - 05 May 16
I am B Tech 2011 pass-out and working as probationary officer with United Bank of India. Somehow I lack interest in this job profile and looking to some jobs in my field of expertise in organizations like ONGC, SAIL etc. Should I need any added qualifications in my field to re-initiate my job search and update my career knowledge? How should I justify my change of field?

Our expert said - 05 May 16
Working as a bank PO is a very good experience to carry forward in the resume. The experience of bank PO might not be a relevant experience in a B Tech job profile, yet that would be good enough to explain the gap in the field of expertise.

The applicant definitely need to have a sound argument in favor of changing the field. It is not very commonly found to have a Bank PO looking for a profile change. Lack of interest in working as PO could be one of the reasons but that would not sufficient enough to convince the interviewer. The candidate should explain their interest and emphasize their talent and potential their field of study, and make sure to explain their inability to utilize their potential in their current job profile. The applicant should also emphasize their strong selling points in co-ordination with the skills required for the applied job.

The applicant should also have some firm reasoning against their current profile which made them check for the change of field. Reasons like high work pressure or requirement to attract potential business could backfire in an interview, as these skills are considered essential in almost all sort of job profiles. Nevertheless, candidate can always present their salary structure to be meagre for the burden and critical work that they tackle. Market fluctuations affecting the services and making the job more and more stressful could be another explanation for change of field.

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