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Asked by: Guest - 08 Jun 16
I have taken my 12th board exam and dropping this year for NDA preparation. What should be my routine and strategy for written and SSB?

Our expert said - 08 Jun 16
It is good to have a clear mindset for the preparation of NDA. Clear mindset and firm determination is very important to go through the different process in the selection of NDA. However, it is not clear whether dropping the year just for NDA preparation would be a wise option. It would be good if the student also prepares for any other exam simultaneously.

The written exam is often easy to clear. It is advisable to perform to the best in the writtenpart as that could easily form the chunk of the total score. The exam consists of 2 papers. For the first paper, maximum weightage should be given to maths. It would be better to revise formulae regularly. The basic knowledge of physics and chemistry is required. Second paper has main focus on English and General Knowledge. Sound knowledge of English and basic knowledge of history, geography, civics and economics, with update knowledge of current affairs is required.

Next comes the SSB. It is good if the student portrays their original personality during SSB. Being simple with the answers that reflect the personality of the candidate is all this test is about. For PP & DT, candidate should narrate a good story confidently. Confidence shouls be a trait that should be maintained throughout. For GD, listen patiently to everyone with utmost attention and whatever the candidate speaks should make sense and should be firm in their words while being polite.

Next is the Psyche Day, which again requires a clear confident personality. Never try to hide anything throughout the course of tests. Then comes the GTO tests, which tests the team spirit. Be an active part of the group. Student should try to give some ideas, but should not be stubborn to hold to their thoughts. If the team has some other strategy, be with them and participate actively according to the plan. cdandidate wins only if the group wins. This is where the physical fitness and stamina is assessed.

Finally comes the Personal Interview. Not only confidence, but it is very much important not to be over-confident after clearing all these phases. Have a to the point answer. Don't guide the interviewer in different direction unnecessarily. Have a controlled reply and don't feel ashamed to say 'no'. It is good to pass the question instead of giving an incorrect answer.

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