Nervous before the exam

Asked by: Guest - 15 Apr 16
I get really nervous before the exam. Is there a way to handle it?

Our expert said - 21 Apr 16
When preparing for the exam, having efficient and effective time management resolves a major part of anxiety and nervousness just before exams. One can follow few simple measures to handle the anxiety level before exams.

Taking breaks at intervals while studying and relaxing in own way like taking a long bath, exercise or listening to music etc., rejuvenates the energy level and freshens the mind. Always sleep on time, the night prior to exam. Plan your morning routine on the day of exam so as to avoid time for anxiety to have its way in. Avoid last minute revisions which causes undue confusions.

While in the examination hall, take deep breath, look straight to any unanimous object and try to gain positive aura by focussing on the way you want things to go, like “I can do it”, “I will perform well”. Read the questions and instructions slowly and thoroughly and plan out the answering strategy. Don’t panic; mentally speak out “Stop” to stop any negative thoughts coming up. Stay relaxed, straighten your back and take deep breath for couple of minutes, whenever nervousness prevails.

For few people, a mild pain stimulus often distracts the negative thoughts, like pressing the finger tip etc. One can also get distracted by peeping out of the window and blankly watching the crowd outside for a minute or two, and then regain the fresh energy to continue. Keep reiterating positive phrases in mind like “I can do it”, “exam is easy” etc.

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