Options for Commercial Arts professional

Asked by: Guest - 27 Apr 16
I am graduate and wish to display my creative potential. With an interest in commercial Arts, I want to know my available job prospects.

Our expert said - 27 Apr 16
Commercial Arts is a field filled with creativity and there is ample space to explore and showcase the talent and potential. This field basically deals with commercial advertising and publicising the content. The nature of job varies from designing books, to advertising different products, to display of sales promotion through signs an products for the acceptance of the products.

The job prospects could be:

- Work as graphic designer
- Multimedia artists and animator
- Advertising visualizer and dealing with public relations
- Visual merchandizer for large showrooms
- Art director
- Illustrator who creates pictures for magazines, books, newspapers etc.
- Topography and calligraphy, which deals with communication through written text. The commercial artist can work on the style and format of the font used in the texts.

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