Part-time job for students

Asked by: Guest - 25 May 16
I am doing my B. Tech final year and interested in doing some part-time job without any investment. Please advice.

Our expert said - 25 May 16
It is always advisable for students especially undergoing some professional course should ideally concentrate on their studies rather than finding a way out to earn. Earning even through part-time jobs takes up enough time from their schedule, making them exhausted and decrease their grasping aptitude of the concerned subject.

Still, when circumstances make anyone needy for job, there are some types of part-time jobs that does not require investment. These jobs may not promise a huge sum of money, but the jobs are genuine in majority occasion. Some of such jobs are:
- Giving tuitions
- Music or dance coaching
- Joining coaching centres as tutors
- Content Writing
- Content editing
- Proof reading
- Freelance writing
- Data entry
- Taking art and painting classes etc.

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