Personal life and lifestyle in getting a job

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
Does my personal life or lifestyle make any difference in getting me hired?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
There are a few jobs which requires commitment from the candidates and such profiles do advertise their eligibility criteria. For example, unmarried girls for Air Hostess profile. Unmarried men in some cadres of the defense services etc. These profiles do have their set of tests which make the requirement of the lifestyle ahead of getting selected very clear.

For other job profiles, the personal life might not carry a heavy weightage. The interviewer might ask a few questions regarding the personal life or lifestyle of the candidate just to learn about the candidate, but that would not affect the selection process. The lifestyle of the candidate should not be disturbing the work culture of the organization. Eg. A chain smoker is expected to be seated for their work and not smoke within the premises or in working hours. In such scenario, the lifestyle of the candidate needs alteration and the decision stays on the hands of the hiring manager.

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