Photograph on my resume

Asked by: Guest - 15 Apr 16
Should I put a photograph on my resume?

Our expert said - 21 Apr 16
Displaying photograph on the resume is not all that advisable. Though people try to make changes in the resume format every now and then. There are many who support the notion of carrying a professional photograph on the resume; yet the same is not preferred by many employers.

A job profile requires certain skills and abilities which cannot be seen on the candidates’ face. Conversely, the photograph which is well edited professionally gives a hint of age, gender, race etc. which often leads to a biased outlook from the recruiter side. Many a times, the candidates are selected by some person and interviewed by other HR person. A profile with a photo may negatively lose a chance to face the interviewer.

There are many arguments like the employers would google around for the candidates’ portfolio, or that the resume with photograph may get more attention, or those who discriminate would do the same at interview as well. But every candidate is not googled by the employer. The appearance on the photograph may not be very much realistic which could go negatively when the candidates faces the interview. If a candidate is selected by their photograph or look, it might be a blow to some of the deserving candidates. Discrimination cannot be all that easy while being one of the interviewer in the panel. But the same is very much easy while calling up the candidates for interview.

To have an unprejudiced flow, it is always advisable to avoid photograph on resume.

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