Prepare for B Math in ISI entrance

Asked by: Guest - 08 Jun 16
How should I prepare for B Math in ISI entrance?

Our expert said - 08 Jun 16
For the preparation of the Mathematics exam, understanding the theory and concept is of utmost importance. The syllabus mainly includes the 12th standard mathematics curriculum. It is important to learn the formulae, focus on the concepts and understand them to the fullest. Revise the formulae regularly. Start the preparation with the weakest topic so that it could get appropriate time to get thorough.

Practice the maths questions. Apart from problem solving, practice MCQs. Though the syllabus widely covers the 12th standard maths, there are certain topics to be practiced out of curriculum like Eucledian geometry, Elementary number theory, Combinatorics etc. Practice previous years question papers to understand the pattern, weightage of the topics and have effective time management skills.

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