Preparing Chemistry just before exams

Asked by: Guest - 30 May 16
How to prepare Chemistry within 2-3 days before the board exam and score well?

Our expert said - 30 May 16
The 2-3 days prior to the exams is the period to revise whatever have been read and learnt round the year. The subject as a whole cannot be prepared or revised within that limited time. However, students should have their study plan for revising the topics. Some of the tips are

- Revising the topics that students are not much confident about

- Solving previous years papers. If the student has studied the previous years papers well ahead of the exam, they would be aware of the important topics that carry more weightage and those topics could be focussed for revision in this time.

- Going through the NCERT questions and solved examples

- Revising the important points and flowcharts prepared during self-study

- Revising the diagrams and tables from important topics

- If possible checking few MCQs for 2 marks questions which are the scoring ones.

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