Pursuing higher studies while working

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
I have completed my B Com and joining BPO. Joining job was the need of hour, but I am interested in studying further. I have got mixed responses to carry on studies along with job as many feel that studying is possible only if I leave job. Quitting job is no option for me. Can I pursue my post graduation along with the job?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
Studies and that too after a job, lies solely on individual interest. The more keen an individual towards pursuing education, the more dedication and efforts they input in the direction, the rapid would be the success rate. No matter the person is working or not; where there is will, there is way. Interest would make the person extract enough time out of their busy schedule and routine .

There are some points that encourages the individual to carry on education along with the job:

- Many organizations offer attractive programs for higher education in related fields.
- Students can opt for the distant learning programs or online tutorials.
- There are new courses coming up every now and then which meets the demands of the job market. These courses add value to the resume and makes the individual survive the competition and climb up the career ladder.
- Carrying education along with job also helps the person to save a portion of their income on their study expense and not getting dependent on family or others for their study expenses.

All one need to remember is to get out of the comfort and ease they had been enjoying in life. They should be mentally prepared to enter the hectic schedule.

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