Quality Engineer for 2 years wants to shift to designing

Asked by: Guest - 27 Apr 16
I am 25 years BE graduate with interest in designing and good knowledge of CAD software. Though settled as quality engineer, I am confident analyzing design and working in CAD. Would it be ok to change my field at this age. Will I have to restart my career as a fresher?

Our expert said - 27 Apr 16
CAD is basically an associate course which can aid in the job opportunities. For a CAD trained personnel, working with an engineer and helping them with the mechanical designing gives a better career start.

For a mechanical engineer interested in designing and CAD trained, could be an additive qualification for the employer. The mechanical engineering degree would help in the background to search better employment opportunity. However, the experience as quality engineer might go in vain. A career with CAD would be completely into operations and performance. The experience of quality would be irrelevant for this field. It would be very similar to a fresh start of the career with CAD.

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