Retire with good amount of money or continue to work?

Asked by: Guest - 19 May 16
How to frame an ideal answer when the interviewer gives an option to retire with enough money in hand at the moment? Would a positive nod to this offer create a lazy impression?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
It is a very luring offer to get enough money to lead the rest of the life. But, this option implies that the candidate has only focus on money. Denying the offer altogether would be a false reply. The candidate need to give a balanced outlook for the scenario.

It should be like the candidate is interested in the offer very well and such an investment is all that anyone would expect for the retirement. But, people need to work not just for money, but various other things like principled and disciplined living, professional and career growth, maintain activity and good health etc. Candidate should put forth some of such reasons to explain their requirement for the applied job profile and utilize their potential in the benefit of the organization.

Every individual has different dreams and to fulfil those one need money. The retirement amount could suffice the basic needs but not a luxurious living for self or to fulfil the requirements of the family. Early retirement would not only impart lazy attitude but would also lead to decreased activity and hence various diseases. Hence, such scenarios can help out the candidate to convince the interviewer for the requirement of a job than a early retirement.

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