Role as a hiring manager

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
My last interviewer gave me an imaginary position as a hiring manager and asked what skills I would search for in the applicant and how would I grade myself on those scale? What could be a smart reply to this question?

Our expert said - 20 May 16
It is a tricky question by which interviewer wants to evaluate the candidate. The candidate need to be confident yet modest. A 100% marking in self evaluation is definitely over-confidence and interviewer gets a point to counter the candidate.

General skills sets that could be acceptable are the eagerness in the candidate to learn and grasp new things, the confidence and willingness to accept responsibility and deliver the best outcome, the vision of the candidate should be for the benefit of the organization, an ambitious, multi-talented individual who could get into notice instantly. The hiring manager would not like an employee with his own skill set but the one who could be a team player.

Grading self to a good extent is a smart and intelligent reply. The candidate should assure that they have the willingness to learn and grasp the remaining skills.

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