‘Salary status and CTC’ in resume

Asked by: Guest - 12 May 16
How to provide the expected and current CTC in resume. Can we skip this info if not asked for? If requested, how to handle the salary information?

Our expert said - 12 May 16
Cost to company (CTC) or the salary information becomes critical and crucial when the same is updated in the resume. It is always better to avoid quoting any amount, be that the salary history or the required salary, unless it has been requested for. Giving the salary details might land the applicant into a negative impression. The employer is usually happy to meet the salary expectation of a potential applicant following the interview. But the same quote before having a personal meeting fails to create an in-person image with the recruiter.

If the salary history or salary requirement is requested by the recruiter, it is always advisable to give these details on the cover letter instead of resume. The resume might travel to different hands, but the details of salary structure on the cover letter may not be passed on at every step. The candidate is fixed to quote the currently drawn salary information when requested. As far as the salary requirement is concerned, it should not be given in figures. That should be always left for discussion at a later point. The applicant should ideally focus on the skills and meeting job requirements to meet the employer expectations and be readily acceptable for negotiable salary structure when that need to be written on the cover letter.

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