Skills for resume - .Net, Java or all?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Apr 16
I'm a fresh BE - Computer Science and want to apply for software development jobs. Which skills should I mention in my resume - .Net, Java or both?

Our expert said - 25 Apr 16
Skills are those bullet points of an individual that the person is well-verse with.

Being a fresher, if the applicant has equal understanding of both .Net and Java, it is always good to include both. There are lots of different programming languages and operating systems. It is always good to have basic knowledge of one or more of these and have an understanding for what they do and where could be used efficiently.

At this level, it is always good to mention all the languages and operating systems the candidate has learnt. Even the less known ones should be listed under separate point mentioning the basic knowledge of those. This gives the employer the clue as to how far the candidate can interpret and follow technical plans for the desired profile.

However, if you have spent time doing a certification in some particular technology like .Net or Java, it is better to focus on that.

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