Skills required for an Air Hostess and the major subjects of study

Asked by: Guest - 07 Aug 16
I am interested in joining the Air Hostess training institute. What are the skills that are required to become an Air Hostess? What are the major subjects of study in the course?

Our expert said - 10 Aug 16
Air Hostess is a glamorous and high paying profile which attracts many youngsters into its charm. There are many institutes that offer Air Hostess training in India. The course is available in bachelor degree, diploma and certificate courses. Becoming an Air Hostess requires specific skill-set. The personality traits that fits to this profile are:

- Good communication skills
- Dynamic as well as pleasant personality
- Politeness
- Humble and helping attitude
- Presence of mind
- Leadership as well as team-working ability
- Fluency in foreign languages can be an added skill

The Air Hostess on majority airlines are expected to be unmarried / single in their marital status. The major subjects of study in the training module are:

- Airport and Aircraft familiarization
- Passenger psychology and passenger handling
- In-flight procedures
- Emergency situation handling
- Food and catering services
- Leadership and inter-department co-ordination
- First-aid
- Personality development and communication skills etc.

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