Soft skills are very important for a job

Asked by: Guest - 15 Apr 16
My teachers tell me that soft skills are very important for a job. I'm an engineer, what skills should I work on?

Our expert said - 20 Apr 16
Soft skills hold a special place for any job profile. Few soft skills of importance for an engineer are:

1. Interpersonal skills – This is the very basic skill required for any profile. The communication skill is generally under-estimated to virtual speaking and being social. However, effective communication deals with patient listening, effective speech and writing skills.

2. Innovative – An engineer is well appreciated with new, innovative ideas into their projects and visible creativity in their presentations.

3. Team Work - Team work starts with the understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities, along with the collaboration at work environment, with co-employees from different level in the system.

4. Adaptability – This is another important ability to succumb to work pressure and yield the best outcome in all circumstances. Flexible employees have become growing expectation among employers.

5. Leadership – Last but not the least is the leadership quality. Leadership skills give a distinct outlook to the individual and usually helps is speedy growth of the employee in the management sector.

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