Strategy to qualify GATE exam

Asked by: Guest - 28 Apr 16
What is the ideal strategy for preparation of GATE exam? Is it essential to cover each and every topic in detail to crack GATE exam?

Our expert said - 28 Apr 16
It is highly appreciable if the aspirant is smart enough to cover each and every topic in detail. Still, it is beyond human ability to be a master of everything. Always focus should be on the fundamental topics. Fundamental understanding of the concepts plays a crucial role in the GATE exams.

The exam preparation strategy is very much similar to other competitive exams of similar kind:

1. Refer previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern.
2. Have a perception of the frequency and number of questions covered from the important topics in previous years’ papers.
3. Crete your own plan of action. Get guidance from people and experts, but rely only on your own pattern of study and implementation.
4. Work well on time management to complete the questionnaire in given time.
5. Make yourself prepared enough to be ready for any question sequence.

Usually, 4-5 months of preparation with a month’s time for revision and practice of objective questioning is found to be appropriate to give the exam attempt.

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