Suitable profile for internship for MBA in HR.

Asked by: Guest - 05 May 16
I have done my B Com from Delhi University and doing my MBA in HR final year in Pune. I look forward to join some internship during the summer vacations this year. Would that add value to my resume? What sort of job profile should I focus for internship?

Our expert said - 05 May 16
An internship course in the relevant field would be definitely adding value to the resume. It could also prove beneficial for the career, as the internship can give some real-time job experience and help the candidate understand the difference between theoretical learning and a practical approach towards the same, especially when it comes to communication and interactive skills which is most required for a HR personnel.

The job profile should be the one in which the applicant has got certification and degree. To add value to the resume, the experience requires to be in the relevant field. The category chosen for internship should be according to the interest of the applicant. The subjects being trained categorise the HR to a generalist or specialist. Getting in-depth knowledge of a particular field makes the person a specialist. Whereas for those who like new challenges every now and then to keep their interest level high, being generalist would be an appropriate option. The applicant need to research all the sub-categories and select the field of study after proper analysis.

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