Termination without reason

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
My appointment letter states that any party can leave with paying the 3 months notice. Does that mean that they can ask me to leave any day without a valid reason?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
The termination of services of any employee can be asked by the organization with the notice period, but this is not termed termination. It is called the ‘Lay Off and Retrenchment’ process. This means that the employee is not terminated and it will not affect the career of the employee in any manner. When the organization wants to relieve any employee due to some reason, they do so by providing the notice period to compensate the employee for the loss of employment. This period can be used by the employee in case they leave the job which should not affect the organization all of the sudden.

There usually lies a valid reason for the retrenchment process. On majority instances, there is either notice period of the given term or the salary for that term if asked to stop serving from immediate effect. In both the scenario, the employee is made secure financially for the laid down period and the time can be utilised by the employee to search an alternate job. Termination can be served with immediate effect and that does not require the notice period. Termination is usually served on some major grounds like disciplinary grounds or lack of confidence due to breach of rules etc. Such a termination definitely affects the career of the employee.

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