Whether unrelated work experience mandatory in resume

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
When I apply for the job profile and make suitable alterations in my resume, can I skip the work experience that is not related with the applied profile? Or do I need to present all my experience for every job?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
Work experience right from the start of the career gives a continuity and presents the candidate being employed without any break in career. But it is not mandatory to give all the work experience in the resume. Candidate can choose to skip some of their experience but they should be ready with the explanation for skipping the details from the resume.

Candidate cannot assume that their skipping the details might be overlooked by the interviewer. Even if the details are not been asked for during the interview, it might come up during the background check. The candidate can choose to skip very old experiences not related with the profile. There are chances that very old experiences may escape the scrutiny check. When the candidate skips more recent experiences, then it might present a gap in the career and the candidate need to be ready with the convincing reply for leaving the details

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