Working late nights and weekends

Asked by: Guest - 12 May 16
My present job offers me day shifts and fixed weekend off. I am working with this firm for 10 years now. Since the employers wants to close down the business, I have started job search in BPO industry. I am OK working on any shifts and also on the weekends. All I need is fixed off on any day of the week. I often get stuck with this question regarding my shift preference and I doubt my answer is not convincing enough and remains the main reason for my rejection. How should I go about replying this question?

Our expert said - 12 May 16
If the candidate is flexible to work in any form of work shift and environment, it is good to frankly accept the offer for any shifts. If there is no concern regarding working in any kind of shift, the candidate should not waste any time in confirming their affirmation for the same.

In case the candidate has any genuine problem with shift of weekends, they need to be very clear regarding their concern. A wish-washing attitude is never desirable. It often creates problem both to the employer and employee in future. Instead of saying a flat ‘No’ for the shifts during late nights or weekends, they should first show their eagerness towards the job profile being applied for, and then come-up with the actual concern with the reason for the same.

If it is acceptable to work on weekends and late nights, it is better to accept their statement first and then let the interviewer know the preference for fixed day off, along with the reason for the same.

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