Types of hand off in CDMA system: a.) Soft handoff b.) Softer handoff

Explain the following two types of hand off in CDMA system: a.) Soft handoff b.) Softer handoff

a.) Soft handoff

- Soft handoff is a feature in which a cellular phone is simultaneously connected to two or more cellular phones during a single call
- It is he overlapping of repeater coverage ones, which enables every cell phone set is always well within the range of a specific repeater.
- More than one repeater can send and receive signals to transmit signals to and from mobiles.
- All repeaters are used with the same frequency channel for each mobile phone set.
- Practically no dead zones and as result, the connections seldom interrupted or dropped.

b.) Softer handoff

- Softer handover is a significant soft handover in which the added and removed links belong to the same node
- Macro diversity with maximum ratio combining could be performed in the same node
- The movement of handoff, when a user can be served in another cell more efficiently (less power emission, less interference), is the most obvious cause for better performance.
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