Difference between CDMA and GPRS. Which of them is better? Why?

What is the difference between CDMA and GPRS? Which of them is better? Why?

The Differences:

- CDMA is one of the types of mobile connections for making calls where as GPRS is a technology for internet connections through a mobile phone.
- GPRS enables to surf the internet from a mobile phone. GPRS technology is used in other gadgets apart from mobile phones.
- W-CDMA technology is faster than GPRS, since the user cares about the technology that is applied for air interface.
- Average latency on GPRS is around 1.3 seconds, where as on CDMA is around 400 milli second
- GPRS supports only User Datagram Protocol, where as CDMA supports both UDP and TCP
- GPRS relies on Network Address Translation and a private IP address is assigned to it. On the other hand CDMA assigns a public IP address CDMA is better because:
- E-mail is pretty light, until you enter MS-Office.
- Pocket PC’s support for office documents with similar functionality which can be had on Palm OS and Symbian
- Upon availability of APIs, a software developer could write various applications, like voice transfer, data transfer to client’s account, integrating billing amount etc.
- Web services could be utilized.
Forward link channels in CDMA system: a.) Pilot Channel b.) Sync. Channel
Pilot Channel- A forward link channel which is a base to mobile that modulates only by the pilot PN. It spreads common codes to all signals transmitted from a given base station.....
Types of hand off in CDMA system: a.) Soft handoff b.) Softer handoff
a.) Soft handoff - Soft handoff is a feature in which a cellular phone is simultaneously connected to two or more cellular phones during a single call.....
What is GSM?
Short form of Global System for Mobile Communications, is a wireless network system.......
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