Importance of CDMA in today’s cellular world

What is the importance of CDMA in today’s cellular world?

- The transition to digital radio through the process of defining standards is implementing about 90% in the cellular industry.
- Smooth transition to digital standards is involved in CDMA technology.
- Most often, it can be viewed as improved and replacement technology of TDMA
- Moving towards 4G technology is compatible with CDMA technology.
Differentiate between: a.) CDMA and FDMA b.) CDMA and TDMA
Difference between CDMA and FDMA. CDMA - Same frequency is used by every user and simultaneous transmission occurs......
Difference between CDMA and GPRS. Which of them is better? Why?
The Differences: CDMA is one of the types of mobile connections for making calls where as GPRS is a technology for internet connections through a mobile phone.......
Forward link channels in CDMA system: a.) Pilot Channel b.) Sync. Channel
Pilot Channel- A forward link channel which is a base to mobile that modulates only by the pilot PN. It spreads common codes to all signals transmitted from a given base station.....
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