10 actions words for your CV

10 actions words for your CV.

The purpose of this article is to go a little deeper into the content of your CV and see what type of words can make the selector shortlist your CV immediately for an interview.

The basic purpose of these words is to demonstrate your hold in a particular situation and the power of actions you took to achieve a result or come out of a situation. One important thing to note here is that "the immediate past tense" of a verb is more powerful than the verb itself. Using a past tense also shows that you actually completed the work you started successfully. Adding some figures and facts along with these verbs would add more impact.

Let’s see with an example how each word can be utilized to its full power:

1. Achieved

Good example: Achieved the target of implementing the software onsite for 200 users 15 days before the deadline.
Bad example: To implement the software onsite.
This sounds more like a responsibility. The interviewer is mainly interested in knowing about your output.

2. Built

Good example: Built a new premise to convert the study center into a residential college accommodating 200 students.
Bad example: Building a new premise for the residential college.

3. Developed

Good example: Developed a guideline for 50 users to understand and use the new process for client handling.
Bad example: Developing a guideline to use the new process for client handling.
The selector and the interviewer will be amused with questions like: What guideline? When? For whom? The good example here answers these queries and shows your output rather than the responsibility.

4. Eliminated

Good example: Eliminated the use of thick brown tape for sealing the packages to reduce the cost by over 15%.
Bad example: To eliminate wasteful of resources.
The selector will again have the questions like what type of resources?, how did your action help?

5. Forecasted

Good example: Forecasted a downturn in the FMCG business because of economic slowdown. Suggested measures to combat it and achieve the quarterly target.
Bad example: To analyze and forecast the market.

6. Introduced

Good example: Introduced a new process to handle the enquiries from potential customers to increase the conversion rate by 60%.
Bad example: Introducing a new process to handle client enquiries.

7. Modernized

Good example: Modernized a chain of 15 retail outlets across 3 states to meet the taste of urban youths.
Bad example: To modernize the look of retail chain outlets.

8. Organized

Good example: Organized reseller conference in 3 cities while maintaining a close co-ordination with 3 internal departments and 4 vendors.
Bad example: Organizing events like exhibitions and retailer conferences.

9. Recommended

Good example: Recommended 5 new ways to ensure that the company is able to roll out the new version of its “small car” before the launch of Nano.
Bad example: Recommending way for the company to roll out its new “small car”

10. Secured

Good example: Secured 1st position in the university during MBA and helped the college stand at top in the list.
Bad example: University topper during MBA.

How do I use this advice in my CV?

Now, you would be wondering that this list isn’t exhaustive enough to cover all your responsibilities and achievements. Here is a simple way deal with it.

1. List down your responsibilities and achievements.
2. Find out one word that best describes your role in that situation like manage, co-ordinate, plan, advice etc.
3. Begin your sentence with the past tense of the verb you decide to use for every responsibility.
4. Add some figures and facts to your statement.

If you are stuck with finding a good word for to describe your action in the CV, take a look at this list of some frequently used action words.
  • Achieved, Acquired, Attained, Analyzed, Assessed, Appraised.
  • Completed, Composed, Created, Designed, Developed, Directed.
  • Drafted, Established, Eliminated, Ensured, Forecasted, Found.
  • Introduced, Investigated, Implemented, Launched, Liaised, Managed, Marketed, Operated.
  • Organized, Presented, Procured, Provided, Promoted, Recruited, Revised, Researched.
  • Recognized, Resolved.
  • Scheduled, Secured, Scored, Solved, Supervised, Terminated
  • Targeted, Trained, Taught, Teamed Up.
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