Sql server - Explain how to work with the data mining algorithms included in SQL Server data mining

Explain how to work with the data mining algorithms included in SQL Server data mining.

- A data mining algorithm is a set of heuristics and calculations that creates a data mining model from data.

- SQL Server data mining offers Data Mining Add-ins for office 2007 that allows discovering the patterns and relationships of the data. This also helps in an enhanced analysis.

- The Add-in called as Data Mining client for Excel is used to first prepare data, build, evaluate, manage and predict results.

- Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides multiple algorithms for use in your data mining solutions.

- These algorithms are implementations of some of the most popular methodologies used in data mining.

- All of the Microsoft data mining algorithms can be customized and are fully programmable using the provided APIs, or by using the data mining components in SQL Server Integration Services.

- Third-party algorithms can also be used to comply with the OLE DB for Data Mining specification, or develop custom algorithms that can be registered as services and then used within the SQL Server Data Mining framework.
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