Sql server - What are OLAP and OLTP?

What are OLAP and OLTP?

OLTP: Online Transaction and Processing helps and manages applications based on transactions involving high volume of data. Typical example of a transaction is commonly observed in Banks, Air tickets etc. Because OLTP uses client server architecture, it supports transactions to run cross a network.

OLAP: Online analytical processing performs analysis of business data and provides the ability to perform complex calculations on usually low volumes of data. OLAP helps the user gain an insight on the data coming from different sources (multi dimensional).

What are OLAP and OLTP?

An IT system can be divided into Analytical Process and Transactional Process.

OLTP – categorized by short online transactions. The emphasis is query processing, maintaining data integration in multi-access environment.

OLAP – Low volumes of transactions are categorized by OLAP. Queries involve aggregation and very complex. Response time is an effectiveness measure and used widely in data mining techniques.
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