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Design Engineer Resume - Sample 1

Contact No: 98*********
E-Mail: pratik******@gmail.com
In pursuit of challenging and enriching assignments in Design Engineering with an organisation of high repute.
  • Technically accomplished professional with nearly 4 years 6 months of experience in Design Engineering.
  • Presently associated with XXXXX, Bangalore as a Design Engineer.
  • Areas of expertise include CAD, CAM Software Unigraphics NX, Pro/ Engineer and AutoCAD.
  • An out-of-the-box thinker with sound machine knowledge and through understanding of machine dynamics.
  • Possess excellent planning, analytical and interpersonal skills.
Nov’XX to till date with XXXX, Bangalore as Design Engineer
Key Deliverables
  • Development of solid model with the help of 2D layout.
  • Efficiently drafting, detailing, section with BOM, GD & T, Machining Symbols, etc.
  • The project deal in how to remove roof bolt from roof (underground mines) preventing roof fall and efficiently used pneumatic torque wrench for removing bolt from roof and concept is to mounting the pneumatic torque wrench on roof bolting machine for removal of bolt and it is necessary that the pneumatic torque is controlled by roof bolting machine controls for easy removal of bolt from roof.
  • Efficiently introduced Quick Exhaust valve for roof bolting machine head piece which is a replacement of dump valve (nylon material) and Quick Exhaust valve is less consumable compare to dump valve.
  • Design and development of single body chuck of roof bolting machine which is a replacement of two piece chuck of roof bolting machine,single body chuck is unbreakable and less consumable item for roof bolting machine compare to two piece chuck.
Projects Executed
Title: XXXX
Client: ABC
Environment: Unigraphics NX6
Description: Efficiently created 3D model of various components such as casting and sheet metal using surfacing, sheet metal and modelling environment with help of specified drawing. Assembly, drafting and detailing of components.

Jul’XX to Jun’XX with XXXX. Ltd. as Design Engineer
Key Deliverables
  • Playing a key role in project planning.
  • Monitoring and coordinating allotment of project work to the team members.
  • Supervising development of solid model with the help of 2D layout.
  • Efficiently drafting, detailing, section with BOM, GD & T, Machining Symbols, etc.
Projects Executed
Title: XXXX
Client: ABC
Environment: Unigraphics NX4
Description: Efficiently created 3D model of various components such as casting and sheet metal using surfacing, sheet metal and modeling environment with help of specified drawing, assembly, drafting and detailing of components.
Well-versed with the following:
  • NX3 / NX4 / NX6
  • Pro/E Wildfire 4
  • Teamcenter 8
  • AutoCAD 2004
  • Microsoft Office and Internet Applications
  • Best employee award.
  • Diploma in Automobile Engineering from Institute 1 with 63%
  • 12th from XXXX with 41%
  • 10th from XXXX with 58%
Date of Birth: 31st May 19XX
Languages known: English, Hindi and Marathi

Design Engineer Resume - Sample 2

E-Mail: fazxxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Phone No: +9198xxxxx
Experience Summary
I am working as a Senior Engineer Consultant in xxxxxx Communication Technologies and my parent company is xxxxxx Communication Technologies, having total experience of 2.4 years which includes 7 months project training. I have specialized on SOC Validation and Verification, SOC Gate level simulation ,FPGA Design and Verification. I have worked on x86,V53A Processor IP, AHB, SD/SDIO/SDXC host Controller IP, SDIO-UART Bridge IP development, SPI master in my career.
Career Goals
  • To seek a challenging and career oriented job, which enables me to update with the emerging latest Technology and provides scope for widening the spectrum of my knowledge.
  • My career aspirations revolve around job satisfaction, responsibilities and to an extent on the remuneration offered to me.
  • Ambitious, positive attitude, hard working and fast on-the-job learning are my strengths.
  • With my technical and communication skills, I am confident of handling any suitable assignment in projects and rise to the occasion and time.
Professional Qualification
  • Master of Engineering in VLSI Systems (Year 2005 - 2007) From NITxxxx.
Academic Profile
  • B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering), XXXXXX University, 2003 Percentage: 85.12%.
Skills Set
Operating system: WINDOWS, Linux, Solaris
HDLs: Verilog
HVL: Open Vera
Simulators: Modelsim, Novas Verdi
FPGA Tools: Xilinx ISE and Actel Libero
FPGAs: Xilinx Spartan3E, Spartan3AN, Spartan6 and Actel ProASIC3
Processors: Intel x86, NEC V53A and ARM7
Programming Languages: Assembly, C, C++, Shell scripting and TCL
Bus Architectures: SDXC, SDIO, Wishbone, AHB, UART, SPI
Memory Interfaces: DDR2 SDRAM
Hardware tools: Tektronix Logic Analyzer and DSO
Emulation tools: Quickturn palladium
Job Experience
From the beginning working with XXXX Communications from June 2009 till Date.

Project Details

Project 1: SDXC Host Controller IP Verification
  • Supports 32 bit AHB LITE synchronous Slave interface working at interface frequency.
  • 1-bit/4-bit modes of SD/SDIO supported. Supports various clock frequencies such as 25MHz, 50MHz, 100MHz required for SD/ SDIO operations.
  • Operating frequency configurable through registers. It is Compliant with SD specification version 3.0.
Organization: XXXXXXX Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 6 months
Team size: 2 members
Contribution: Test plan, Test Case, Simulation and Target testing
Domain: FPGA Verification
Technology Skills: Verilog

Project 2: Digital Image browser (iChart) Application
  • The SPI controller's primary function is to read configuration settings from the data flash after power on and also write the configuration settings into it.
  • It consists of SPI master state machine and shifter logic.
  • Read/write operation to and from the data flash can be accomplished by sending commands, address and data using the SPI controller.
Organization: XXXXX Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 8 months
Team size: 4 members
Contribution: SPI Controller and Application Control logic RTL design , Test plan , Test Case, Simulation and testing
Domain: FPGA Design and Verification
Technology Skills: Verilog

Project 3: SDIO-UART Bridge IP Development
  • Compliant with SD Physical Specification Version 2.00 and SDIO Specification Version 2.00.
  • Here the Physical bus interface takes care the Command and Data bus interface. Supports SPI, 1-bit and 4bit SD modes and SDIO interrupts.
  • This supports CRC checking and generation for both Command and Data. SDIO Function0 registers and other registers are supported as per the SDIO specification.
  • A Wishbone interface is supported to interface Device Function Area and user function.
Organization: XXXXXX Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 9 months
Team size: 4 members
Contribution: SDIO Slave Controller RTL Design, Test plan ,Test Case, Simulation and Target testing
Domain: FPGA Design and Verification
Technology Skills: Verilog

Project 4: x86 Processor IP Development
  • The Interrupt Controller can process external interrupt request, Internal Interrupt request inputs by allocating a priority level to the each request.
  • It transfers the interrupt with highest priority to the CPU, along with interrupt address information. Interrupt routine address, interrupt request priority and masking are all under complete program control. Each Interrupt has a unique vector type. The Interrupt Control Unit always passes the Interrupt type at the time the second acknowledges the receipt.
Organization: XXXXX Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 9 months +7 months project training
Team size: 5 members
Contribution: 80188EB, 80188EC & 80188XL Interrupt controller RTL Design, Test plan, Test Case, Simulation and Target testing
Domain: FPGA Design and Verification
Technology Skills: Verilog
Awards / Prizes
  • Received “Project Quality Appreciation Award”, while working in XXXXX Systems Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • College Second in Graduation.
  • Third prize in paper presentation (National level) in XXXXXXXXX College of Technology.
  • Won First place in Weight-lifting(University Level)
Extra Curricular Activities and Hobbies
  • Listening to Music & GYM.
  • Playing football.
Personal Profile
Date of Birth:

Design Engineer Resume - Sample 3

Sameer Arora
Tel: +91999*******
E-Mail: sam@gmail.com
Profile Summary
  • More than 6 years of experience into mechanical design engineering, with strong problem solving skills and a creative approach for generating new ideas.
  • Excellent grasp on engineering and design principles along with understanding of manufacturing process and construction methods.
  • An engineering professional accomplished in design and development, very particular about the results and details of high performing products.
Area of Expertise
  • AutoCAD Software
  • Arena PLM
  • Microsoft Package
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Team Leader
  • Motivator
Work Experience
  • Company X – From 2009 – to present
  • Company Y – From 2006 to 2009
  • Conducting researches, using various models to work out new developments and innovations and prove them to be cost–effective.
  • Designing the research ideas into technical plans using various software like CAD/ CAE.
  • Implementing those designs and testing the final outcome.
  • In case of any faults, reworking on the designs and implementing them.
  • Testing and re-testing the designs for the perfect and flawless outcome.
  • Creating reports and presentation on a regular basis for project managers and clients.
  • Responsible for taking environmental issues into consideration as well as their manufacturing processes.
  • Taking care of safe disposal of waste without causing any harm to the environment.
  • Effectively designed different ideas for different clients
  • Successful in disposing off the waste without causing any harm to the environment
Academic Qualification
  • B.Tech in mechanical engineering
  • Diploma course in CAD designing software
Extra Curricular Activities
  • Travelling
  • Drawing & Painting
Personal Details
Date of Birth: 15th August
Address: Ghaziabad
Languages known: English, Hindi, Punjabi
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Discussion Board
Design Engineer Resume
Sanjay sahu
Email ID-***@gmail.com
Contact No. +91-******

Career Objective-

To accept challenging career in an organization where I can contribute my experience, expertise and talent in an environment of open communication, activity, vision and growth, which can

harness my intellectual property and enable me to learn new technologies and methodologies to deal with real life problems.


- Around 7 YEARS of experience of handling Design & Development, Reverse Engg, Value Engg. & Production.
- Expert in delivering Engineering design service and support as per customer inputs.
- Successfully customized, developed & executed projects of 24kV & 36kV to various customers.
- Design changed & cost reduced for Circuit Breaker Truck for easy operation.
- Designed changed & developed new 11kV & 36kV Circuit Breaker Poles & other components to reduce cost.

Job Responsibilities:

- Responsible for 24kV & 36kV switchgear panel design modification, customization, development & Production (Sheet Metal components).
- Cost reduction of existing products (Mechanical components). Preparation of comparison sheet.
- Developing proto-type for testing purpose.
- Creating feasible model and drawings for supplier.
- Preparing shortage list & material requirement list of the project for supply chain.
- Interacting with Portuguese counterpart for design related issues.
- Coordinating with Supplier & production team for production & development.
- Managing a design team of 4 persons for different projects.
- Preparing manufacturing plan on monthly basis.
- Interacting with Client regarding product requirement.
- Value Engineering of the products.
- Included casting & sheet metal component design with 3D solid and surface models in
- Pro/Engineer, Solidworks & concept development.
- Designing, Modeling, Detailing & assembly of MOLE.
- Making design concept of MOLE with taking into account different electronic components.
- Procurement of the prototype model at vendor’s end.
- Creating Solid, Surface & Casted 3D models of part along with drawings.
- Time Estimation of any given project from CAT-India.
- Reverse Engg. Projects by point cloud data.
- Making 3D models of components as per supplied data in 2D drawings Pro-Engineer Wildfire 2.0
- Interact directly with the client for better understanding of his requirements.
- Reverse Engg Projects for A/C Air Duct, Cab Consoles, where customer gave scanned data.
- Part & Assembly modeling & modification of casted & forged component & detailed drawings.
- Create drawing as per manufacturability.
- Converting 2D-Drawings into 3D-Models (Casting & Sheet metal components).
- Reverse Engg Projects for the truck cabin body like Engine Hood Seat, Engine Hood Seat Cover,
Front Bumper etc. For these some reference part or drawings were given by customer and we have
to modify as per customer’s requirement for new product.
- Value Engineering of the final product.

Technical Knowledge-

- Pro-e wildfire-2.0, 3.0, 4.0
- Solid works 2008


- Cost reduced of 36kV Circuit Breaker by 6000/- by changing design.
- 12kV circuit breaker Arms design changed and saved 4000/- each breaker.
- 12kV panel design modified and saved 7500/-.
- Reduced wire consumption in circuit breaker by changing its route.
- Developed Earth Truck to draw out residual voltage after power shut down for maintenance.


- Working as Sr. Engineer (Design & Development) in BDF Solutions from JAN 2010 - Till now.
- Worked as Sr. Engineer (Product Design & Development) in SDB Pvt. Ltd. from SEP 2008-NOV 2009.
- Worked as Engineer in MSV Pvt. Ltd. from AUG 2006- AUG 2008.


- Certificate Course in CAD/CAM (PRO-E Wildfire, CATIA V5R9, UNIGRAPHICS NX2, MASTERCAM 9.1,AUTO-CAD 2005) from Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar.
- Diploma in Mechanical Engg. from BNM Polytechnic.

Personal Details-

Date of Birth : 29th July 1978.
Sex : Male.
Marital Status : Married.
Languages Known : Hindi, English & Bengali.
Prateek Bajpai 11-28-2012