What is data modeling and data mining? What is this used for? - Data warehousing

What is data modeling and data mining? What is this used for?

Data Modeling is a technique used to define and analyze the requirements of data that supports organization’s business process. In simple terms, it is used for the analysis of data objects in order to identify the relationships among these data objects in any business.

Data Mining is a technique used to analyze datasets to derive useful insights/information. It is mainly used in retail, consumer goods, telecommunication and financial organizations that have a strong consumer orientation in order to determine the impact on sales, customer satisfaction and profitability. Data Mining is very helpful in determining the relationships among different business attributes.

What is data modeling and data mining? What is this used for?

Data modeling is the analysis of data objects and their relationships with other objects. It is the primary step for database design and using OOP, the conceptual design model is created to depict how the data items are related to each other. It is the involvement of progression from conceptual model to logical model to that of physical metadata.

Analyzing data from various perspectives and summarizing it into the required and useful information is known as data mining / knowledge discovery.

Data mining allows the users to analyze data from many different dimensions or angles, categorizing data and summarize the identified relationships. The correlations or patterns among different fields in large RDBMS are the technical aspect of data mining.
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