What are capital expenditures?

What are capital expenditures? Is it Ok to consider these expenditures while calculating the profitability of during a certain period?

Capital Expenditure is an amount incurred for acquiring the long term assets such as land, building, equipments which are continually used for the purpose of earning revenue. These are not meant for sale. These costs are recorded in accounts namely Plant, Property, Equipment. Benefits from such expenditure are spread over several accounting years.

E.g. Interest on capital paid, Expenditure on purchase or installation of an asset, brokerage and commission paid.

No, Capital expenditure should not be considered while calculating profitability as benefits incurred from the capital expenditure are long term benefits and cannot be shown in the same financial years in which they were paid for. They need to be spread over a number of years to show the true position in balance sheet as well as profit and loss account.
Explain Revenue Expenditure. Does it affect the profitability statement in a period?
Revenue Expenditure is the expenditure incurred in one accounting year and the benefits from which is also enjoyed in the same period only......
Explain deferred expenditures. How are these expenses dealt with in profitability statement?
Deferred Revenue Expenditure is revenue expenditure, incurred to receive benefits over a number of years say 3 or 5 years....
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