What is Journalizing? What are the columns of a journal?

What is Journalizing? What are the columns of a journal?

Journalizing is the process of recoding business transactions in the Journal in chronological order, as and when the transactions take place. Journal is also known as Book of Original Entry or the Book of Prime Entry.

Journal has following five columns:

-Ledger Folio
-Amount Debited
-Amount Credited

Explain Compound Journal Entry.

In day to day business, various similar transactions take place on the same day and every account is either debited or credited. Thus instead of passing different entries, a compound entry can be passed, which involves more than one debit or more than one credit or both. This makes the journal less bulky and avoids duplication.
What are subsidiary books? Why are they maintained?
Subsidiary book is the sub division of Journal. These are known as books of prime entry or books of original entry….
List the type of transactions entered in Journal proper.
The Journal proper is used to record following transaction...Opening Entries,Closing Entries,Transfer Entries,Adjustment Entries…
Define Cash book
Single Column Cash Book, Double/ Two Column Cash Book,Three Column Cash Book
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