What is time booking? What are the different methods used for doing this?

What is time booking? What are the different methods used for doing this?

Time booking is recording the time actually spent by a worker on various jobs done by him in the factory for cost analysis and dividing labour cost into various jobs and departments. It also helps in control over wastage of time- idle time.

Different methods used for time booking are:

1) Daily Time Sheets

2) Weekly Time Sheets

3) Job Cards

Daily Time Sheets:

Under this method, a daily time sheet is provided to each worker on which time spent by him on various work orders is mentioned. This method can be conveniently used if the worker works on various jobs of short duration like in maintenance jobs. But this method is disadvantages also as it involves considerable paper work.

Weekly Time Sheets:

In this method time is recorded for all the jobs done during the week instead of recording the work done for a day only. One sheet is allotted to each worker. It involves less paper work. These types of weekly time sheets are useful for intermittent types of jobs like construction work.

Job Card:

Job Card is a method of recording details of time with reference to the jobs or work orders undertaken by the workers. This method facilitates the computation of labour cost with reference to jobs or work orders.
What does reconciliation of time attended and time booked tell us?
If the company is maintaining a system of time card and job card, the problem of reconciliation becomes simple…
What are the usual internal control problems in labour cost?
Excess staffing, Lack of experienced and efficient personnel, Idle time or unusual overtime wages…
What is idle time? How are its causes classified?
Idle time indicates that time for which wages are paid to the workers but no production is obtained during that time….
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