What gross data rate does GPRS provide?

What gross data rate does GPRS provide?

- GPRS is a packet oriented mobile data service.

- The data transfer is charged per megabyte of traffic.

- GPRS provide gross data rate of 22.80 KBPS / time slot.

- Voice uses only 13KBPS/ time slot and the rest is consumed by Error Correction Code.

- Error connection code is utilized for detecting and correcting the transmission errors.

- As voice is compressed, the usage of Error connection code is mandatory.

- In the 2G systems it provides a rate from 56 up to 114 kbits/s.
How does GPRS architecture differ from GSM?
The following table depicts the architectural differences between GPRS and GSM..........
Differentiate between GSM and GPRS.
The differences between GSM and GPRS are depicted in the following table.....
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